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Birthdays are special for some people while they are not for others.

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But, remembering someone’s birthday and wishing them with a basket of flowers is the least you can do to make them smile. So, no matter if they are throwing expensive parties or not, a basket of flowers can always make them feel special.

Now the question is, how to know which florists are the best? Since the flower is something to be delivered fresh, it is crucial that you only trust good brands. Lovely Floral is the one you can rely on. We can fulfill all your floral needs for every occasion. So, if you are searching flowers in Eatonton, Lovely Floral is a must-try.

Who Are We?

Lovely Floral is one of the top florist brands in Eatonton and its surrounding areas. We collaborate with a flower shop in Eatonton Georgia, or a local Eatonton florist to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We only serve premium quality and fresh products specially handpicked for our customers. If you wish to customize your flower bouquet, we also help you do that. Moreover, we have the fastest delivery service in the city. We understand your sudden plans and surprises, and so until noon, we also offer same-day delivery services. So, you don’t have to wander shop to shop in search of fresh flowers.

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To order flowers from our store, all you need is to sit with your smartphone, open our website, select a flower bouquet, make the online payment and confirm the order.

We have all the varieties of flowers, including Rose, Hydrangea, Daisy, Carnation, Alstroemeria, Aster, Sunflower, Gerbera, Snapdragon, Delphinium, Safari Sunset, and many more.

In fact, if you want to add gifts to your cart with your flower bouquet, we have chocolates, fruit baskets, teddies, houseplants, and succulents for you. Flower delivery Eatonton GA, has never been this easy as it is with Lovely Floral.

Birthday Flower Baskets In Our Collection

Now that you know about our brand, you also must know that we serve flowers for all-purpose. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, marriage, etc., to name a few. Exclusively for birthdays, we have a wide range of flower arrangements.

  • Wonderful Flower Basket: This is a beautiful white-purple basket with roses bound with gorgeous white flowers. These types of baskets are ideal birthday gifts for mothers, grandmothers, and best friends.
  • Happy Summers: These are a bunch of sunflowers specially designed as birthday gifts for wife or mother. The bright and vibrant sunflowers signify happiness and progress in life. So, this can be a cheerful gift option.
  • Flower Topiary: Keeping a flower Topiary in their house is a dream of many. Imagine you gifting your close one the exact same thing that they wanted. The beautiful lilies in this topiary signify innocence. So, this is a suitable gift for anyone close to you.
  • Rainbow Glow: As the name signifies, this is a colorful basket of flowers containing a variety of flowers, from roses to lilies.
  • Baby Pink Bouquet: This is the cutest of all the bouquets. You can gift it to your little sister, girlfriend, or even wife. It signifies the soft love and affection between two people. By sending this bouquet, you can purely express your loving feeling to your close ones.


Birthday Flower Delivery Eatonton GA is just a simple task with Lovely Floral. Instead of searching for good flowers from different shops in the city, invest your time choosing the right bouquet for your girlfriend. We have brought our store to your fingertips with our online website. Now you can choose, select and order flowers only. So, what are you waiting for? Impress the love of your life with the best bouquet in our store.

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