Friendship Day- All about flowers

Flowers are forever favorites. No celebration is complete without flowers. So, why should you spend Friendship Day without flowers?

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Send your friends the best flower bouquets from florists near Eatonton GA. Lovely Floral & Gifts is one such local florist that can get you designer arrangements delivered to your friends. But before sending the flowers, choose the flowers you want to send. Here are the top five flowers perfect for your Friendship Day celebrations.

Top 5 Flowers Perfect for Friendship Day:


A perfect flower for your childhood friend with whom you share a lot of memories. The little forget-me-not flowers make a great gift for friends. They are perfect to remind them of the fun times you have spent together. Also, these blossoms symbolize respect, love, and fidelity.


Round, colorful, and multi-petaled zinnias look truly wonderful in a vase. You can send zinnias for Friendship Day as these blossoms are associated with friendship, goodness, lasting affection, and daily remembrance. Zinnias are perfect for your faraway friends whom you do not get to meet as often. Besides, zinnia bunches are available with Eatonton GA florists. You can order them and decorate your home space for Friendship Day celebrations.


One of the most gorgeous and rare blooms, geraniums are perfect for that unique friend of yours. The bright violet geraniums are simply attractive and they can make anyone smile instantly. These blossoms are associated with friendship and good wishes which makes them a great choice for Friendship Day.

Other than violet geraniums, you can also pick the red and pink blooms. Get a transparent vase and place the geraniums to make the most beautiful flower arrangement. Use it as a centerpiece for the Friendship Day party or send it to your friend via flower delivery Buckhead, GA to wish them a Happy Friendship Day.

Cymbidium Orchid

If you want your Friendship Day gift to be memorable, go for cymbidiums. Cymbidium orchids look ethereal. They are available in different colors – white, light pink, yellow, red, orange, brown, and cream. Each of the colors of cymbidiums looks stunning and it would undoubtedly make the receiver jump with joy. These blooms symbolize pure, respected, and valued friendship. You can get a simple bunch of cymbidiums or you can mix the flowers with other blooms like peonies, roses, carnations, etc. Further, you can also get cymbidiums placed in a bowl or basket. They make beautiful centerpieces.

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Hydrangeas mean togetherness and unity. If you are calling over a group of best friends on Friendship Day, ensure to get a bunch of hydrangeas for decoration. They would make the perfect centerpiece depicting unity among all your friends. These pretty blooms are available in pink, blue, lavender, violet, purple, white, and green colors. And each color looks striking. You can get hydrangeas delivered to your friends via Friendship Day Flowers Delivery in Eatonton GA from Lovely Floral online flower shop. Or you can invite your friends to a Friendship Day celebration and decorate the space with hydrangeas.

What’s life without friends and what’s Friendship Day without flowers?! These are a few of the most uncommon and awesome flowers you can send your friends this Friendship Day. Pick the best one for your friend!

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